Investment Sales

Investment Sales

“Helping You Take the Next Big Step”

What is investment sales? Well, in the event that you would like to sell your commercial property, our commercial real estate professionals will assist with connecting you with a buyer. What separates investment sales from owner representation is that we are involved with the actual selling of your commercial property. Investment sales are not about finding tenants but rather prospective buyers that will purchase your property at a rate that makes your investment economically viable. Josman Properties uses its years of experience in the commercial real estate industry in order to network and eventually facilitate a brokerage between your property and a list of buyers. When it comes to Investment Sales, Josman Properties will assist in:

Marketing: In order to sell your property there must first be a level of awareness regarding its sale. Josman Properties utilize a variety of marketing outlets and tactics in order to ensure that you are attracting only the top buyers that understand the value of your property. That includes the internet, print & digital media, as well as personal relationships.

Valuations: In order to ensure that your property is properly valued, it needs to be appraised by trained real estate professionals. Fortunately, Josman Property provides high-quality valuations that tell you the true value of your property. This will assist with the sales process once a prospective buyer has been found and the brokerage process is underway.

Negotiation: Once a prospective buyer enters the fold, Josman Properties will do what it does best and broker a meeting between both parties. During this stage, our real estate professionals will assist in negotiations in order to devise an agreement that is advantageous to both the buyer and the seller. Trust in Josman’s commercial real estate professionals to find you the best deal possible.

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