Owner Representation

Owner Representation

“Providing Quality Services on Your Behalf”

Are you the proprietor of one or more properties? If so, then you may require your fair share of assistance in finding tenants or buyers. Selling or leasing your property is far from easy work and it’s important that you’re staying on top of your objectives. Maintaining property can get expensive and without tenants to alleviate expenses, you may sooner or later find yourself in trouble.

However, showing prospective buyers why they should purchase or rent your property isn’t a simple task. It’s one that requires the guidance of trained professionals; individuals that understand the ins and outs of the commercial real estate market and what buyers look for most.

Where Josman Property Steps In

Our team of real estate professionals will execute a series of well-proven strategies in regards to finding prospective tenants for your property. Utilizing various marketing avenues, we work to provide your property with the exposure necessary to attract tenants that are looking for a trustworthy and long-term partnership.

We will utilize the following avenues:

Internet: Your property will be displayed on various listing sites throughout the web in order to reach the largest audience possible.

Print Media: Sometimes the old ways work best. We will craft brochures, highlighting the benefits that your property offers.

Target Media: Reach your specific audience by advertising your listing in local newspapers, real estate, and business publications.

Known Contacts: Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve established a quite a contact list. We’ll use to help find any parties interested in purchasing and leasing property.

Once you’ve acquired a healthy list of prospects, we can also assist you in the screening process to ensure that only the most qualified make the cut. Keeping you informed every step of the way, we will also provide you with progress reports, detailing all of your screened prospects and tactics used.

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