Property Management

Property Management

“Maintenance & Upkeep are Our Specialty”

Purchasing a property is one thing; it’s managing it that brings you into new territory. It goes without saying that commercial property needs to be properly managed in order to thrive and increase in value. That includes ensuring that the bills are paid, your property is maintained, and any tenants you have been satisfied. With all of the other tasks that you most-likely have on your to-do list, chances are you need some assistance. No longer feel like you have to tackle everything on your own with the help of Josman Properties.

What Josman Properties Can Do for You

Thanks to innovations in technology and changes in the economy, managing properties isn’t as easy as it once was. Ready and willing to take on the challenge, our team of commercial real estate professionals is equipped with a diverse set of skills to effectively manage any property that we are presented with. From accounting and insurance, to contracts and maintenance, Josman Properties is ready for any situation life throws at us.

The most important aspect of property management is a sense of presence and ours is constant, prepared for any issue that may arise.

Our professionals are skilled in the following areas:

Accounting: Thanks to our bookkeeping software and skilled accountants, we can track every penny that enters and exits your property.

Insurance: Let us look over your policy and find ways to increase your coverage.

Contracts: Our team can help you negotiate your contacts to get the best prices for your property, as well as perform follow-ups to ensure that the agreed conditions are met.

Maintenance: To help prevent expensive maintenance cost, we will perform regular maintenance visits to meet with tenants monitor the state of your property.

Emergency Response: We will provide with a 24-hour emergency number to deal with issues as they occur.

Capital Projects

Are you in the process of making some major adjustments to your property? If so, there’s going to be a sizable capital investment required, which will need to someone oversee and manage the project. Fortunately, Josman Properties is here to guide you through every step of the process. From beginning to end, our real estate professionals will supervisor all capital improvements including evaluations, communicating with contractors, and finding reasonable pricing.

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